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The Funk Lives On The Funk Lives On

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cool for freestyling

Originality - 10

You won't hear this loop on radio. Definitely not. This loop is more for freestyling, and I have listened to several freestyle loops from Flashkit and NG and this one is probably the only one that sounded original. I have heard no songs, or raps on the radio that sounded like this either. Originality is a perfect ten baby!

Clarity - 10

I can hear this perfectly! The quality of this track is great! The bass is toned just right, and the treble doesn't buzz in my ear! TEN!

Diversity - 6

The rest of the song is different from the beginning but that is all. From there, it all stays the same. Try adding some breaks to it. Like music in the middle after say, 4 patterns.

Effort - 9

You did a good job on this. However, try to add more variety.

Overall - 8

Great for freestylin'!