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Bitey of Brackenwood Bitey of Brackenwood

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is a true masterpiece!

Awesome job! You obviously put a lot of effort into this!

Graphics - 10
The graphics were amazing! I don't know what else to say! And I can't get over that cute little animal that makes the fart sound! Its cool!

Style - 10
The animation style was incredibly fluid! Also, the characters were short and stumpy, tall and thin, big and hairy, and big and bare! These all flowed with the fantasy-forest setting!

Sound - 10
The music flowed with the entire movie! Did you compose it? Also, the voices were well-done!

Violence - 10
Just because there is no blood in a movie is no reason to give it a low violence score. The violence was presented very well. It was comical, yet still maintained a serious situation for the character. You knew what limit you wanted to go to with the violence and where to put it! Excellent job!

Interactivity - 10
You included a preloader, play button, and a replay button. All the essentials! Good job!

Humor - 10
The football-punting and baseball-whacking was funny, especially when the characters waved afterward. Nice job with the humor. It just goes to show you that its quality over quantity. Especially with humor! You knew where to put the humor into the movie, without overusing it, or overpowering the plot.

Overall - 10
I love this movie. You've earned a spot in my Favorite Authors list (Lets just say you beat Stamper to #1! Thats right! Will Stamper!). This movie earned a spot in my Favorite Movies list at #1, too! The story was told well and the animation was incredible.

I'd give suggestions but I really can't think of any right now other than MAKE MORE! MAKE MORE!

Military Ops. Episode 1 Military Ops. Episode 1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

You have potential...

This is a decent looking movie. Don't take seriously what people like phantomlassuk say. Besides, he doesn't even have any work to prove he can do any better than you can. Anyway, on to the review:

Graphics - 7
Your graphics were decent. I was able to tell "what was what" which is enough to pass for graphics. As for the character, the shadow in the INTRO was black, confusing me at first. Try to render the shadow the way you did in the COMBAT scene. The character's facial details were enough for me to identify him. They were decently and uniquely done.

Style - 6
Your style is pretty cool. Although I've seen the "no body, just arms and feet" concept, it looks cool and isn't used often enough in movies. The MESSAGE scene seemed like a spoof of Metal Gear Solid's codec, taking away from the movie's originality. However, your scenery proves to be very well done. The only suggestion for that would be to take advantage of that talent by adding more camera angles. It takes away from the action if done from one angle. Again, nice style.

Sound - 8
The sound was well done. I understood the dialog, and the gunshots didn't sound like banging against a mic, lol. Nice job with the sound, just always remember to optimize it! ;)

Violence - 6
The violence was just below average. However, you can greatly improve it by adding more camera angles to intensify the viewer's interest. Like I said above, one angle isn't enough for an action scene. Other than that, you have a nice, solid plan of how the gun fight will go. Just add more angles and it'll look significantly better.

Interactivity - 9
You have a solid user interface. A main menu, but no replay button is okay since it takes you straight back to the main menu. So I suppose thats all good.

Humor - 0
I didn't give you a zero because I thought it wasn't funny. I gave it a zero because it doesnt apply to this movie.

Overall - 7
You have a lot of potential. I hope to see more work from you. Keep up the good work!

PunishedOne responds:

EXCELLENT REVIEW! These are the types of reviews I need! Not just the "You suck" and "This is incredible" types of reviews.
I'm glad you enjoyed this, and you have made me think twice about going on a break from Flash this entire week. I'm deeply surprised that you found I have a style, especially around character details. The eyes are my type, I love triangular eyes, since it's very fresh from "oval" eyes.

About the comm thing, YES I did try to do something like MGS. How can that bring down originality? Codec IS a real device, but it's in it's beta stages.

Thanks for the Review, and look out for Military Ops. Episode 2!

(2003)Bar Fight! (2003)Bar Fight!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nicely done...

Claymation is rarely seen on Newgrounds. You obviously worked hard on this.

Graphics - 8
The graphics are cool. Everyone is just blue, but I guess faces are pretty hard to animate. Nicely done.

Style - 9
The style is original on NG. Not many clay animations are featured on NG.

Sound - 7
The sound was nicely added in, but the voices could be improved a bit. Try to get a mic cover to reduce pops in the voiceovers.

Violence - 8
The violence in this movie is funny. Bar bottles, tables, ligament ripping, etc. What else do you need? However, it was a bit overdone in some parts. But still, very funny.

Interactivity - 9
You had a preloader and all the works. Good job!

Humor - 9
This movie is funny. The attitudes that the characters have are violently hilarious and the commotion is funny.

Overall - 8
This movie is a recommended pick to people looking for movies about bar fights and bitterness. Truly well done. Nice job!

Knox responds:

a professionally done review!
thanks,long reviews are always the best!im glad you liked it and relise these things arnt just thrown together,yee ha!!
i give your review a 10!

Recent Game Reviews

High School Rise to Glory High School Rise to Glory

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Your gonna be a big-time animator...

If you're still learning Flash, then you're a quick learner. You even realize that it takes TIME to make a properly executed game. A lot of people just pull something out of their asses and call it a masterpiece. If you continue practicing your skills in Flash, you may become the next "Will Stamper."

Graphics - 7
Your graphics are good enough to tell what's what and who's who, but the outlines are a bit jagged. Try smoothing them out a bit. Other than that, great job!

Style - 6
You have a Tom Fulp-like style. I guess I say that because this game reminds me so much of Pico. Although your characters are all more realistically figured than the Pico characters in Pico 1.

Sound - 5
The file size of this movie is pretty big. I'd say the music is the biggest problem there. It needs to be compressed. It doesn't have to sound high quality, you just need to be able to hear it. Try compressing the music better in any future works. Other than that, the sounds were nicely incorporated into the movie.

Violence - 9
A school fight. A school shooting. Making fun of some guy. The violence is nicely done in this movie. And sadly, it reflects the way our schools are today. Sucks doesn't it?

Interactivity - 10
Preloader, Play & Replay, Go Here, Go there, Talk (different comments you can make), items. This pretty much has all it needs.

Humor - 7
Making fun of the bathroom guy was pretty funny. The sign in the library, and the humorously placed Pico character was also pretty good. Also, the lunch menu sign was funny too. I like this game.

Overall - 7

cLeM007 responds:

Thank you I highly appreciate the review

Laboratory Laboratory

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very cool game

I like this game. It is really cool. However, more combinations of chemicals and more stuff to work with would GREATLY improve its score!

Graphics - 5
Your graphics are pretty good. However, try experimenting with perspective to create a better sense of depth.

Style - 6
The animation is decently done. However, try to make the animation of the chemicals pouring into the bunsen burner cup instead of it just disappearing from the thin tubes and appearing in the cup.

Sound - 6
The sound is well optimized which counts GREATLY in your score. However, speaking more clearly would help. Trust me, the quality is NOT the problem, just improve the diction and pronunciation in the voiceover and the problem should be solved! :)

Violence - 0

Interactivity - 8
This game allows the user to interact with different combinations of chemicals. However, more should be added to make it more interesting. If it gets confusing (combinations in general are confusing for many people) make a combination tree.

Humor - 7
The humor for each outcome is good for some giggles and small laughs. However, more outcomes would make them more repeatable and stay funny.

Overall - 7
This game is pretty cool. Make some more!

handy-andy73 responds:

Hey thanks for the very thorough review. It was my first attempt at using Flash so its really good to get that sort of feedback. I was aware of many of the limitations you mention but as it was a project for college with a deadline, I simply ran out of time to extend it in the ways you suggested (more outcomes etc) Thanks again for your time.

HTF Easter Smoochie HTF Easter Smoochie

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This game is an excellent show of humor!
The graphics were VERY well illustrated for a cartoon.
The cartoonish style and EXTREMELY fluent animation flow very well with what I like to call "Innocent Violence" and (Innocent looking characters that are brutal, or get brutally harmed) are an example of truly well done Flash work!
The sounds went well with the cute and innocent looking character.
The fact that I get to choose which way the character gets to die is fun in a sadistic way, but nonetheless its very interactive!
The humor is extremely cartoonish but at the same time sick to those who aren't into this game's theme.
Overall, this movie is a 9. Its the same as a 10, but now I just think that there is no such thing as the best movie or game on newgrounds, because there will always be something else that will top it.

Recent Audio Reviews

The Funk Lives On The Funk Lives On

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cool for freestyling

Originality - 10

You won't hear this loop on radio. Definitely not. This loop is more for freestyling, and I have listened to several freestyle loops from Flashkit and NG and this one is probably the only one that sounded original. I have heard no songs, or raps on the radio that sounded like this either. Originality is a perfect ten baby!

Clarity - 10

I can hear this perfectly! The quality of this track is great! The bass is toned just right, and the treble doesn't buzz in my ear! TEN!

Diversity - 6

The rest of the song is different from the beginning but that is all. From there, it all stays the same. Try adding some breaks to it. Like music in the middle after say, 4 patterns.

Effort - 9

You did a good job on this. However, try to add more variety.

Overall - 8

Great for freestylin'!